If you visit these countries to watch out for any of these 11 things prohibited

11 things prohibited

Being a tourist for the first time in any country, you cannot know perfectly the same customs. Therefore, in blog-collector we have always tried to lend a hand to pass not a bad time.

But beyond the actions and attitudes that clearly violate the law, here I leave11 examples of things forbidden in some countries and that look very innocent. Watch out!

Now let’s look at some chaos in which you can botch some innocent actions and even run into the law, because these are 11 cases of things forbidden in some countries.

11 things prohibited
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1) In Singapore it is banned chewing gum. In fact, the import of chewing gum is prohibited. (Via the Government of Singapore).

2) Who does not like to participate in a good snowball war? Be careful because if you meet your friends partying in there, throwing snow in Belgium is prohibited.

3) In Saudi Arabia, on February 14 Valentine’s Day in most of the world, it is forbidden to go out with any garment red or sell objects of that color. (via CNN )

4) In North Korea you cannot use your jeans ones. Blue jean pants are prohibited, not those of black jean. At least for its inhabitants.

5) In Turkmenistan a president came to listen to radio ban cars, ballet and opera, satellite dishes or public libraries outside the capital. Today these restrictions have been relaxed, but the artistic performances are still very scarce.

6) The citizens of Monaco cannot (in theory) to enter the casinos of their country. (Via Wikipedia)

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7) If you are touring Germany by car, keep in mind that if you suffer a breakdown during the journey, it is forbidden to walk the highways.

8) Are you a fan of cycling or scroll through the cities by bike? Keep in mind that in the UK circular bike on sidewalks is prohibited. (Via Riding a bike in UK)

9) Iran is one of the great destinations to be open again to tourism. Until recently, men were prohibited from going down the street with a hairnet. As I have understood, it is now no longer the case and, ponytail or not, haircuts are becoming more modern.

10) Control in China is absolute in many areas. Including in the film, we already know several cases have been changed to arguments posters and films to be exhibited there. In fact, still banned all movies that deal with the time travel. (Via DailyMail)

11) And last tip: if you are driving in Thailand, put on your swimsuit. Driving topless is strictly prohibited.