The 4 Best Weightlifting Apps for Apple Watch

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize an Apple Watch is the vast range of fitness and activity benefits it provides thanks to its built-in sensors and ease of usage.

While the Apple Watch is popular among runners, weightlifters can also use it at the gym. Here are the best Apple Watch weightlifting apps, and you can also try checking out some games from Spin Ace Casino when you’re done lifting.


Muskle is a simple and completely free Apple Watch app that can help you keep track of your weightlifting progress in the gym. You can leave the iPhone at home only for the Apple Watch. You can create as many exercises as you desire, as well as control the tempo of each extension and contraction.

The app will automatically track your reps as you do them. Set goals that automatically raise the weight and reps as you push for more and gain muscle to help you make more progress, and you can set a budget like you do for games at It also integrates with Apple Health to log your exercise.


SmartGym is another fantastic standalone weightlifting app. Using the iPhone app beforehand, you can create custom workouts that you can do at the gym or at home. You may even tell the app what kind of gear you have. It comes with over 620 pre-installed exercises with visuals and animations that can be viewed on the watch screen. It’s simple to change the exercise directly from the watch during the session. Workout data will also be shared with Apple Health.

With Siri support, you can begin a workout with a simple voice command. In addition to previous lifters, personal trainers can utilize the app to oversee their students.

The app’s free version offers you access to two routines, 10 histories, and two measures. A subscription grants you access to an infinite number of records, routines, and measurements, as well as a data synchronization service in the cloud.


Riker is a fantastic option for keeping track of everything strength-related. During weightlifting workouts, you can locate the moves and variants and then enter the weight used and the number of reps using the Apple Watch app. The Apple Watch app, which does not require an iPhone to function, will also automatically track rest time between sets.

Body measurements may be taken with the Apple Watch to help you examine how your body evolves over time. You may track your arms and chest in addition to your weight. The data from the entirely free app is also synced to Apple Health.


Strong is a fantastic app that you can use to plan and monitor your perfect weightlifting routine. To use the Apple Watch app, you’ll need to first fine-tune the iPhone version. You can customize a number of sample templates. Advanced users can also develop their own templates. Both alternatives provide a plethora of workout opportunities. You can also choose to see workouts that target a certain body part.

When you’re ready, launch the Apple Watch app normally without having an iPhone nearby. While documenting your progress on each activity, you may see the workout schedule and specific routines. If you’ve never done the lift before, there are particular instructions.

All workout data can be saved to Apple Health. If you’re interested, make sure to take a look at other great iPhone apps to connect to Apple Health.

Although the app is free, a subscription is required to access extra features such as endless routines, charts, body part measurements, and more.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman