Netgear updates its Nighthawk router by adding support for 802.11ac and MU-MIMO

Netgear MU-MIMO

If yesterday we told you as it has become a threat to the updates as DNSChanger, now it ‘s back to talking about _routers- but in this case no alarms or dangers, because we will refer to a new release. A new router Netgear reaching the market.

This is a review of Wi-Fi router Netger Nighthawk (R7000), a model that represents an evolution of the original Nighthawk but improving some benefits over time and had been overtaken by featured in other competitive products.

Netgear MU-MIMO
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In this model we find as Netgear R700P) has managed to implement a higher speed Wi-Fi (1625+ 600Mbps) thanks to the combination of the 802.11ac and MU-MIMO technologies, so that although we are covering simultaneously To various devices speed and quality do not resent.

The improved Netgear Nighthawk includes a technology called Beamforming + also seeing improved external high power antennas that improve the performance obtained by the previous model.

Thanks to the combined use of the MU-MIMO technologies and support for 802.11ac this router is presented as an alternative that allows home use parallel to multiple devices such as game consoles, phones, PCs, all connected, so that not Experience problems of loading in the buffer or cuts in the transmissions.

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The Netgear Nighthawk includes features of remote access ReadyCLOUD, OpenVPN and Kwilt applications and can control it remotely via the NETGEAR Up app, available for both iOS and Android, with which also seeks to allow the user to perform an installation More simple. A practice that we have seen in other models from several manufacturers.

Price and availability

For now we do not know the price at which the market is because we have not found a shop that is for sale. However we can get an idea of the price if we consider that the original Nightwawk Netgear, the R7000 we can find a price between 150 dollars and 170 dollars depending on the store.