Why double glazing is important when it comes to glass selection

All windows have a few things in common. They all let light in so we can see more easily, and they all allow us to see outside – but there are lots of differences between double glazed windows and single glazed windows.

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So what is the difference between double glazing and single glazing?

To put it simply, double glazed windows use two or more panes of glass, and between the glass is an air filled cavity that adds insulation. On the other hand, single glazed windows just have one pane of glass, which isn’t as insulating.

If you want to replace the windows in your home, here’s why double glazing is the best option.

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The benefits of double glazing

They offer UV protection

A double glazed window has twice as much glass, meaning that there is twice as much UV protection against the sun shining through the window.

They are well insulated

Double glazing comes with better insulation than single glazing, as it is harder for cold air to get through the window, meaning that your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This can also help to lower the cost of your energy bills.

You can use larger windows

Double glazing means that you can choose larger windows, as the size won’t affect the temperature in the room as much as single glazing would. This can really improve the appearance of a room, as large windows can make a room look bigger and brighter – and the view will be even better.

You will reduce noise pollution

Double glazing will restrict sounds from outside, such as cars starting and neighbours talking, which will make your home a quieter and more peaceful place. This is very useful for people who live in loud, busy cities with big populations.

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You will have improved security

Double glazing is much tougher than single glazing, as it is thicker, which means that it won’t shatter or crack as easily as single glazing. This will reduce the likelihood of intruders in your home, which is definitely a very useful benefit – especially if you have lots of valuables in your home.aa