When should a puppy wear a collar?

Every dog should feel at ease and comfortable when wearing a collar and a lot of dogs keep their collars on all the time. In the UK, it is the law that dogs have had a microchip fitted and show their owners’ information when out and about and this normally happens by adding a tag onto the dog’s collar.

Many of us also walk our dogs by way of a lead attached to a collar (or harness) and the collar of your dog can also be useful to catch hold of them in an emergency, and can be useful in many other ways as well – such as by providing a useful place to attach a reflector light so it’s safer to walk our dogs at night.

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Before you collect your new puppy from a breeder

Often times, breeders will have already started introducing a soft collar or even a ribbon to their puppies even before they leave their mother, to start to get them used to wearing one, and to allow the owner of the litter and any visitors to be able to tell the puppies apart.

If this is the case with the breeder you buy from, your dog should be ready to start getting used to wearing the collar right off as soon as you bring them home, and they may even wear one when you collect them.

Even if this does not happen, it is a good idea to ask the breeder about the type of collar material and construction they suggest, as they will have a good idea of what is appropriate for the type of dog they own, and what style of collar is best for the puppies.

Choosing the first collar of your dog

When you select the first collar of your dog, you may find yourself a bit daunted by the sheer variety available, and without your dog at that time, knowing the right size and style to get and how to measure up can be difficult.

Measure your dog’s neck, research the different collars available and try to have an idea of what you want in your mind before you go shopping. For Designer Dog Collars, visit a site like https://iwoof.com/product-category/designer-dog-collars-and-leads/

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Choosing the right size is important to ensure that your dog is comfortable and that their collar is up to the task, and you should also try to avoid anything that hangs or dangles that your dog might catch or bite into, such as hanging tags or fixings.

When installed properly, the dog collar around the neck should be comfortable but with room to slide a couple of fingers underneath the band easily. However, when you first start getting the puppy used to the collar, you might need to adjust it a little looser and make sure that your dog is supervised while wearing it to ensure that they do not catch on anything.

When to start

Unless your dog is already accustomed to wearing a collar when you bring them home, it is wise to let them get used to their surroundings for a few days before you start introducing a collar. However, because your dog will need to be able to wear the collar before they can go out in public for the first time, which you can do when they have had all their vaccinations, you won’t want to wait too long. It may seem contradictory to start introducing many changes (such as a collar) for your dog as soon as they return home when they are still settling in, but this does not make things easier for you and your dog in the long term if you leave it too long.