Types of Businesses to Visit in Chicagoland

Types of Businesses to Visit in Chicagoland

Are you planning a trip to Chicago and aren’t sure what establishments you should put on your on must-see list? Chicagoland is full of a startling amount of amazing attractions for tourists, so it can be hard to narrow your choices down to what can fit in the limited time frame you have mapped out. Here are some of the essential categories of businesses that you definitely should check out.

Types of Businesses to Visit in Chicagoland

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Chicago and its surrounding suburbs have a huge amount of restaurants with a variety of cuisines available to dine at. Whether you are looking for a pub La Grange IL or fancy five-course Italian dinner, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes in the area. There are also plenty of Chicago favorites that are popular tourist choices, including the ketchup-free Chicago-style hot dog or deep-dish pizza oozing with mozzarella cheese and topped with flavorful tomato sauce. The city has numerous areas where you can try out these local favorites.


Some of the most popular areas of the Windy City include its historic museums. You may be aware of the famous Field Museum, home to a giant dinosaur skeleton close to the main entrance. However, there are many lesser-known museums that tourists may not be aware of that may be interesting to check out. The International Museum of Surgical Science, for example, may be intriguing to those with an interest in medicine and its history over time. This museum provides an opportunity for tourists to learn more about health, history, and art all at once.

If you are well prepared and plan out establishments that you want to visit well in advance of when you travel to Chicago, you will hopefully be able to get the most out of your trip and, most importantly, make sure that your stay is both fun and memorable.