The Future’s Bright in Slough

Business is good in Slough with companies from around the world bringing their businesses to Slough and the Thames Valley. Did you know that the area has been named the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’? With a little less sun shine though admittedly! Here are some of the reasons why Slough is thriving:

  • The area is conveniently located in the heart of England and is less than 20 minutes from London and Heathrow, the busiest airport in the world. There is nowhere better to be than at the heart of things and Slough is close to both Windsor, the Thames and Oxford University.

  • People flock to the area because many industries have chosen Slough to base their headquarters and offices. It’s the ideal location for networking and collaboration.
  • Fantastic transport connections make meeting and working here easier than other locations.
  • Slough has been given a top spot in a survey of best places to live and work. The survey looked at factors such as salary, house prices and employment opportunities with Slough coming out top for jobs, work satisfaction and cost of living expenses. Do you need any more reason to bring yourself and your business to Slough? For the services of Man and Van Slough, visit for more information.
  • Slough represents one of the most successful economies in the UK. It began life as a hub in the 1920s and today has a higher than average mean salary and very low unemployment, at only 1.4%
  • It is home to one of the biggest trading estates in Europe where more than 400 companies choose to carry out their operations.

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  • The area attracts a great deal of talent, which starts from a young age. The schools here are in the top 10 best performing schools in the country. There are also several world-renowned universities all within a short distance.
  • Big business comes to Slough to research and develop. ICI chemicals and paint labs are found here, as is the European Innovation Centre for Adhesives and Resin. Mars UK Chocolate have also recently invested £90 million for chocolate research in a highly advanced facility. As you can see, Slough attracts some of the top experts in a range of different fields. The area is also home to Europe’s biggest Biotechnology innovation facility.
  • Living in Slough means access to some great facilities including bowling, ice skating, health clubs, leisure centres, parks, golf and a massive regeneration plan for the town centre to include a cultural hub, new bus station and improved links across the area.
  • Business turnover in Slough amounts to £7.5 billion with £700 million of that output in manufacturing.
  • There are a staggering 87,000 jobs in roughly 4,600 businesses in the area.
  • There’s plenty of culture on offer in Slough as well. The Arts at the Centre project decorates the centre with lighting up the pavements in different patterns and provides seating for visitors to relax and appreciate the colours of the event. There’s a canal festival in September and a traditional lights ceremony performed in the lead up to Christmas.