How to Work from Home if you are new to it

Due to the recent global pandemic and subsequent lockdown, vast swathes of people are for the first time being asked to work from home. The vast majority of these people have never done this before so it can be a bit of a culture shock! Here are some of the best ways to go about working from home if you are new to this situation…

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Make sure your workspace is comfortable – We do not all have a spare room that we can convert to a home office at the drop of a hat – if you do that’s great, but for most people we are having to get a bit creative and come up with a makeshift office! The main thing is that you are comfortable and able to work there. A good, comfortable chairs such as an operator chair is a good starting point, as is trying to find a peaceful spot to work in.

Try to be disciplined – This is a common struggle for people who are new to working from home – the temptation to watch daytime TV, get on with housework or generally find motivation to be able to stick with your work. This is where you must be firm with yourself and create a schedule for your working day – write this out in the morning and treat it like any other workday. Ignore any other household jobs until you are finished with your work.

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Childcare – This is a difficult one – at the moment although you may still have to work, the schools are closed, so what do you do if you are caring for your children? Most employers will be understanding of the situation as many people are in the same position. See if you can get on with your work later in the evening when the kids are in bed, or if your partner is at home and not working use them! There are some great helpful videos online to keep kids busy whilst they are off school too.