Different types of anchors

Choosing the right type of anchor for a ship is arguably one of the least understood parts of being a sailor. Most people think, “How difficult is it to choose the anchor for my ship? After all, it only holds a boat in place, right? Well, as regular boating enthusiasts know, it’s not that simple. The right anchor needs the right equipment, knowledge about the local sea floor, and careful selection, all of which can lead to confusion when making a decision. you should also consider the installation of the appropriate Davit crane to lower the anchor you choose. For more information on a Davit Crane, visit a site like https://www.gmh.co.uk/davit-cranes/

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Fluke / Danforth / Light

The most popular type of anchor is the fluke. This anchor is also referred to as Mild or Danforth. They are lightweight and easy to store, perfect for smaller boats in both mud and sand and the most popular anchor used for small boats. They tend to be one of the lowest costing anchors, explaining their popularity with casual boaters.

Plows / Wing / Delta

These styles are mostly modern versions of the older pirate style anchor. They offer good penetration capability due to the sharp point of entry and durability in a variety of conditions.

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For the most part, these anchors set effectively in fast wind or tide conditions although more effective in mud and sand. However, this very large anchor and storing them can be quite difficult for smaller vessels so that the anchor is favoured in larger ships because they offer stability.