10 hobbies that can leave you out of work

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If you have any of these hobbies at work, it is best you take off for the not jeopardize your job:

1 – Late: It is bad image often arrive late for your job. Those 10 more minutes in bed when the alarm clock you will not take away the feeling of sleep and instead can make sounds to be late for work.

2 – Watch for WhatsApp: If it is not a major issue, answer messages in the lunch back home or if you use public transport. Use continuously moving not only annoy your boss, but also to your classmates.

Jobs and Careers
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3 – I live trapped by social networks: Unless your job requires, parked social networking during your working hours. If you cannot live without them, connect when you get home, or if you cannot wait, cut the meal time for use.

4 – Yakking: Unless you work in places such as a library, it is normal and good that you communicate with your teammates. The problem comes if you are all the time talking.

5 – Up continuously: Although there are jobs and bosses that make you feel guilty if you get up from the chair to toilet, its good stretch your legs from time to time. But of course, it not has to spend …

6 – Instantly answer every email that comes to you: If emails are personal, leave them for another time. And if they are professional, dedicated a specific time so you do not answer them continuously descanters your tasks.

7 – You talk a lot on the phone: Are you for / of rising from his job for talking on the phone and returns on the half hour as if nothing? Like WhatsApp, it caters only important calls and be brief in your conversations so that your boss does not take note.

8 – Internet hook up: Make responsible use. Forget about having multiple windows open on your computer to surf the internet and plan your leisure and your trips in your working hours. Not only do you run the risk of being seen, but will be a source of distraction to work.

9 – Whispering: If you’re going to criticize your boss or your colleagues or snooping, you better do it outside (and away) from work. Cause very bad impression to see someone who is continually talking softly and anyone can believe that you’re bad-mouthing him.

10 – Devote much time to the coffee: If you take a coffee at work, totally normal, it better be short than long. And we are not referring to the amount of coffee. If coffee is long, maybe the boss feels bad and end up being milk…

Which of these costs more hobbies do you take off? And which of them will feel worse than having your peers / as?