7 big ideas for small bathrooms renewal

Small Bathroom Renewal

When we bathrooms in magazines and catalogs are always big spaces where art sanitary precious coatings make us green with envy, as the sad daily reality is that our bathrooms are one medium and one small. But there are many ways for a small bathroom have everything you need and play with their size to our advantage.

We will see seven great ideas for these small spaces are comfortable and have everything.

Small Bathroom Renewal
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Returning to hipbath

Good hip bath, hip bath not, because that term no longer exist in catalogs bathtubs, who have watched a few, but there are a small tubs that can solve you the ballot, especially if you need to bath and do not enjoy a shower. Small baths are very useful for bathing infants and toddlers.

Tiny sinks

Do you really need a huge sink and a counter of a meter? Preferably a smaller sink and rectangular embedded in a countertop that is little more than a console, a huge counter that will eat half bathroom. We have examples like the model Odeon up Jacob Delafon, which measures only 34×34, more than enough for washing hands.

Mirrored Cabinets

Classic bathroom cabinet with mirror doors, perfect to hide your creams and razors, toothbrushes and the thousand and one things that we always have in the sink.

Wall mirror

The trick mirrors comeback in confined spaces. A mirrored wall will give light and will enlarge your mini bathroom.

Wall-hung toilet

They take up less space and will also give a modern touch to the bathroom. The toilets suspended as showing us a few months ago in perfect to hide the tank and everything is more clear. Also eliminates odor, which in small space is a real advantage.

Shower Ceiling

Shower cabins fully glazed with the dish as are a great option to avoid overloading small spaces. If you also take advantage of changing color to the floor of the shower it will be much more decorative and you can play with your favorite colors for the interior.

Taking advantage of the gaps lost with shelves

In the bathrooms there is always lost corners that you can use to install shelves for storage tailored. The sides of the toilet or under the windows are usually sites that no advantage. Also the end of countertops can take advantage not only as towel rails but to the paper roll.

What do you think of the idea? Everything has a solution and these seven ideas are perfect for small bathrooms.