13 decorative trends to take into account in 2017

Decorative trends

With newly released 2017 is a good time to do a review of the trends in design and decoration will accompany us throughout the year. Houzz has made a forecast of the ideas that are most likely to be present in households in 2017 from the data that tells how we are designing and reforming our homes.

Decorative trends
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1) We started for example with metals and in particular, with the copper that will have great prominence in the decorative accessories. A trend that has already begun and will continue this year without a doubt.

2) The opening and connecting spaces, especially the dining room and kitchen, involves giving visibility a vital element in the decoration: the lamp. In this sense, it is committed to the mixing of sizes and materials.

3) Also gains prominence the wire, which becomes a decorative element in itself in the broadest sense of the word.

4) Opting for incorporating indirect light and warm also gains prominence. In the kitchen, for example, the furniture illuminated inside gain fans.

5) Choosing the green Greenery as color 2017, Pantone invites us to use a cool, relaxed, cheerful and easy to complement with other shades color. Greenery green is a trend towards more luminous and youthful spaces and also, we will find winks to yellows, oranges and fuchsias.

Decorative trends
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6) In 2017 also the range of gray will continue to be, from the palest to the darkest shades. It is a perfect color to use in environments of different decorative styles.

7) Following the trend vintage, in the bedroom will have an increasingly prominent role chester type headboards bed, padded with buttons and upholstered in leather or fabrics in warm colors, leaving behind the minimalist style or classic black and white duo.

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8) The trend towards vintage style also involves certain inclination to the use of metals, especially copper, bronze and steel. As far as the soils, the preference is the use of the mud. Look also at the contrast of materials or white tone with wood.

9) The fashion for open kitchens is an unstoppable reality. The space was closed and isolated from the rest of the house. The kitchen is a social environment whose incorporation into the rest of the spaces of the house is definitive and responds nothing more than a contemporary lifestyle in which everything is shared more.

10) Home design a space dedicated to the tasks of washing and clothing organization is among the priorities of individuals.

Decorative trends
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11) Doors made of glass and steel are the appropriate remedy for compartmentalizing spaces without losing brightness. It will be more and more common to find them in different spaces of the house beyond their use as screens in the bathroom.

12) The print floral sneaks into the decor, especially tropical plant motifs and floral type, but without neglecting the animals.

13) Continuing the trend toward incorporating forms geometric in both the furniture and fixtures and furniture to create environments or compositions retro-pop style.

Many of these trends have already begun in 2016 but it is expected that in this new year they will spread and be generalized in more homes, although for some of them we may have to wait more than a year …