How to hold engaging team meetings


Introduce new team members when necessary. If you want them to speak, let them know in advance. Nobody likes to be asked on the spot to tell you something interesting about them.


It can be difficult to build personal connections in remote teams. The middle ground is icebreaker activities. At the beginning of your meeting, allocate 5-10 minutes to fun questions and conversation openers. This can help people get to know each other beyond work and prevent the meeting from getting off track.

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Status Updates

It’s great to have team meetings, but you need to be careful not get lost in the details. It’s not a good idea to spend hours going through every detail of a project or priority. Participants may even tune out of a meeting if it’s irrelevant.

Ask your team members to provide brief updates on their status that they think other team members should be aware of. The updates should be related to the other members of the team in the meeting. To find out about Meeting Rooms Birmingham City Centre, go to

Follow-up on status updates by defining clear actions or next steps.

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Every week, the topic of team meetings should be goals.

It is crucial to discuss goals with your team or yourself. Reports on high-performing teams found that having clear goals and expectations has the greatest impact on productivity. This is more important than good managers, resources, or well-defined processes. When goals are discussed every week, employees feel 2.7 times more confident that they can achieve them.


Metrics and goals go hand in hand. You can communicate your progress toward team goals by reviewing metrics. This also allows you to share valuable insights, especially because some of your employees may not have the same data.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown