Free WiFi, key consumer and a missed opportunity for many companies

What is the key to WiFi? This question is the first that can make a customer to enter a business, ahead of show interest in a product or service. It is not uncommon that the key to WiFi before the letter in a cafe or restaurant is requested. And the free WiFi has become a key factor for consumers in their purchases. But also a lost opportunity for greater loyalty by many companies.

free-wifi-key-consumer-and-a-missed-opportunity-for-many-companiesFor the retail, WiFi becomes a basic element which serves to liven up the waiting. It does not matter whether a bar or waiting room of a dentist, nowadays WiFi has become one of the basic reasons why to choose one company or another.

Although it can also lead to the customers to compare prices with what could be obtained over the Internet, a phenomenon known as showrooming leading some businesses to charge for trying on clothes they suspect then the client will end up acquiring the internet for more economic. Not having free WiFi is not a guarantee that this comparison does not make the customer through its data rate.

The truth is that most companies do not use this WiFi connection to promote current offers in your business. It is to use a captive portal, for example, where the first thing you will see the customer are the offers that we want to show before accessing other content.

This simple, since the objective has to be not only increase sales, but to achieve loyalty to a client with the help of WiFi to return to business soon. In many cases, the WiFi is provided to the customer is d and any way and may even jeopardize business security, not segment the network and client management.

At the end the WiFi no longer a reflection in many cases the use of marketing business. In many cases no action or minimum are not performed beyond a written offer of the day the board. In other working regularly, also in social networks, and WiFi can become a great tool to build customer loyalty and reach them with our fair deals when they are in the local and more likely we are to decide to use them.