How to ensure your T-shirt fits perfectly

No matter how fashionable your t-shirt may be in design, you are not going to look your best unless you ensure it fits just right. This can be daunting task, requiring an appreciation of shoulders, torso, arms and length. There is also a certain amount of personal taste involved in choosing your preferred shape.

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Worn properly, a t-shirt can make a powerful statement. Some are plain and simple, offering a casual but distinct style, whilst others bear political slogans or can show allegiance to your favourite band. T-shirts have such a long and varied history, and you want to get them right.

Types of fit:


Both traditional and timeless, it’s no wonder this design remains ever popular. Neither too loose nor too tight, it has a simplicity that will always be in fashion and will suit nearly any body type. For example, you can explore stylish mens Ralph Lauren T shirts at sites such as EJ Menswear.


Known as boxy fit, these t-shirts have something of a nineties feel. They allow plenty of freedom to move, though they are not the smartest option. They can pair with some more wide-legged trousers.

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Muscle fit

These are the tighter fitting shirts that cling close to the body and allow you to show off the outline of your muscles. That means they are generally popular with the more athletic crowd.

Aspects to consider:


Take a look at the seam. It should finish somewhere near your shoulder bone. If it is hanging down further, onto your arm, then the t shirt is probably too big.


If you want your t-shirt to look smart and fitted, then you need it loose enough that there are no tension lines around your muscles, and tight enough that you cannot pinch more than two or three inches of fabric at the sides.


Sleeves need to be correct both in length and width to hang properly. If they finish too far down, it can make your arms look short. The bottom should be about halfway between shoulder and elbow. Width should be broad enough to stop them feeling constrictive, but too billowy and you could lose muscle definition.


A shirt that hangs right down to the bottom of your fly is likely to make you look short. The perfect length is more mid-fly, just a few inches below the belt or waistband.