How to ensure your T-shirt fits perfectly

The simple T-shirt is so versatile and it’s a classic staple of every man’s wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that every T-shirt looks good on every man. It doesn’t. The key is the fit. Read on for our tips for how to ensure your T-shirt fits perfectly.

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Fitted is key

The most important think to consider with T-shirt fit is that it is fitted. We’re not talking tight, because that suggests you’ve chosen a size too small. And too baggy or shapeless suggests that you don’t care or haven’t noticed. The T-shirt shouldn’t be too baggy. If it’s not fitted, it could look saggy and unflattering. And on the other hand, you don’t want it so tight it rides up. It is worth spending time looking for a T-shirt that follows similar contours to your body.

Pinch points such as around your arms or neckline are good places to start checking the fit. The fabric should allow movement and not restrict it.

Check that it fits well across the shoulders. If the seam where the sleeve is attached drops too far down your upper arm, it is likely that you have picked a size too big. Similarly, if the seam is too close to the neckline, you may have chosen a shirt that is too small. The seam on the right T-shirt will align with where your shoulder ends.

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Where to buy T-shirts

There are lots of places to buy T-shirts, from the supermarket all the way through to designer boutiques. Almost every brand will have T-shirts in their range. Even non-clothing brands often offer T-shirts as prizes or promotional giveaways! For fitted T-shirts, it is worth spending a little more time on finding a style that suits you. Specialist online retailers like EJ Menswear stock a great range of shirts including mens Ralph Lauren T shirts. If you possibly can, try on the T-shirt in the store before you buy it so you can get the fit right.

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Finding a retailer that has T-shirts to fit you is like finding one that stocks your favourite jeans – they become your go-to shop.