The band that help to sell a look

If you want to look Irish then wear an Aran sweater. That seemed to be a look that the Clancy Brothers wanted to put out. They seemed to exclusively wear Aran Sweaters on stage and for public appearances. This strengthened the “brand Ireland” that was becoming quite the force in the USA at the time. Irish-Americans were successful and they offered a chance for support to the home country that their ancestors had left. You can recreate the look by getting one hold of one at Shamrock Gift.

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The Clancy Brothers were a 4 piece singing act. They were indeed brothers with the exception of the fourth member Tommy Makem. The best thing about them was that the Brothers were born in the Republic in Tipperary and Makem was Northern Irish from County Armagh. This conjunction of the two countries created a nice synergy that spoke of an Ireland without a border and connected through the shared art of music.

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In the 1960’s the group, along with the Dubliners, set about introducing traditional Irish music to the North America public. As so much of the USA’s past is rooted in the Irish diaspora a race memory was reawakened. This popularity also set about a renewed interest in the island’s music culture and dance that still persists today. Bands in Ireland itself suddenly found new vigor and drive as the world wanted to listen to their music again.

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