What are the Current Challenges Faced by GP Managers?

What are the current challenges facing GP surgery management? The current challenge facing all GPs is that there has been an overall decline in the quality of care that is provided to patients due to increased patient numbers and a lack of time for appointments. It is also acknowledged that there is a lack of training and information sharing between staff. The result is that surgeries can take longer than planned and may not be as successful as planned. Staff need to understand the processes that have to be used before surgery can take place. The overall effect of these problems is that people do not receive effective care, which leads to illness, injury or distress.

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The current challenge facing GPs is that they must keep abreast of all the current demands being made on them. It is important for GPs to have up to date information about where the market is at present, what is happening in specialty areas and the current practice in their area. This is essential for a business that is based upon customer retention and it is equally essential for a professional service which wants to be around for many years to grow and develop to offer new services. For help with Locum Insurance, go to MPRS

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What are the current challenges facing GP surgery management? It is clear that there is a lack of focus and attention from policy makers, managers and medical practitioners to the overall health and wellbeing of patients. The focus needs to be more on prevention and better care before disease strikes. With this in mind surgery professionals should concentrate on prevention rather than cure. By doing this surgeries will be able to avoid illnesses, injury and distress.


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