What Makes Rubber So Good For Industrial Purposes?

Rubber has been around since the industrial revolution since the late 1800’s. The Industrial Revolution meant different things to different people at that time, and so did vulcanizing. This was a method of adding heat to rubber to make it malleable, which meant that industries could make more easily shaped materials. Industrial materials also needed to be fire resistant, so vulcanized rubber was cast in an oven and given a nice fire so it could be polished. After that, it went right into industry.

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In today’s world, rubber is still used heavily in industries and not just for making heat mitts or tools. Some industries use rubber as a raw material and then use additives to boost the properties, or even use rubber as an absorber, that is, it can take the place of other materials where they are weak and absorb energy instead of moving around, like concrete. It is used as padding, sealant, lubricant, insulator, filler, etc, in many industrial processes. For Rubber Mouldings, visit Meadex

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One of the most interesting uses for rubber these days is in industrial applications where there is great heat, such as rocket engines, aircraft engines, and other heavy machinery. Rubber has excellent thermal conductivity, and it also has high tensile strength. Therefore, if you want something that has both properties, then rubber is a good industrial material. When you need something that can stand up to heat and endure tremendous pressure, then rubber is the way to go.


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