Uses of Copper in Modern Society

Copper has been used as a metal for wiring for hundreds of years, but until recently was the only metal commonly used for this purpose. Its conductivity is second to only silver, but copper is still about 860 times greater in mass than silver, making it cheaper. Although copper is primarily used in plumbing, other uses for this metal are currency, jewelry, and wiring. Copper has many other uses as well, such as in plating products such as stainless steel, dentistry, electronics, and medical applications. It can be shaped using Bending Machines like those from Cotswold Machinery Sales which makes it perfect for a number of different uses.

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The meaning of the word “copper” comes from the copper mineral, which itself is a metal. It is the third most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and is found in veins all over the world. In addition to copper, tin, oxygen, and selenium also make up this elemental mixture. Copper is typically found mixed with nickel, zinc, or silver in elements that make up the periodic table. Because copper has so many uses, it has become the standard material for many metals that make up the periodic table.

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One of the first metals to use copper in its compounds was the bronze metal. After the development of iron, tin, and steel, the world’s resources were greatly expanded, making copper mining profitable. Over the course of the last decade, copper mining has continued to grow, despite other metals being found in larger quantities. Copper is one of the few metals with a high enough level of purity to be put into the periodic table, and therefore has the ability to provide the world with endless potential. When you consider how much other metals and minerals on the periodic table have been depleted already, it seems as if copper will be around for quite some time.


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