Terrible fashions from the past.

We are all of us not entirely blameless when it comes to the odd fashion faux pa. However there are certain periods in the existence of Men where all sense of taste and decorum just went right out of the window. Thank goodness that such mistakes cannot happen again when we have menswear Ireland based out fit EJ Menswear to help us get it right at an affordable price.

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  1. The Ruff. The Medieval period is a weird one which saw men, of the aristocratic class at least, wandering around in something that appears to be a puffball skirt  and tights. Perhaps this helped them negotiate the strange dances they insisted on doing with women and themselves. However the worst art was the mad pleated ruff that they stuck around their neck, it;s purpose totally unknown.
  2. Flares. The 1970’s has a lot to answer for fashion wise and the bell bottom flare is by far the worst offender. Let’s take a perfectly good pair of trousers and then have the ends flare out like some 6 to 12 inches out from the feet so that it swishes annoyingly as you walk.
  3. Socks and sandals. Ok yes, your feet get cold, but if that’s the case wear a beach or deck shoe. With sandals the toe should be shown to deal with it.  Although, the Romans on Hadrian’s wall did. 

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  1. Garish coloured shirts. Whilst its great that men are starting to embrace colour the 60’s and 70’s versions that fired the first salvo should be consigned to the bin.

Just a few, there are many more.