What Shoes You Wear With Jeans?

Wearing the wrong kind of shoes with jeans is a fashion no, so what shoes you wear with jeans should be selected with care. Getting the wrong shade and type can spell disaster. They will look out of place and not make you look any more stylish than you already are. So what shoes do you wear with jeans? Designer menswear Ireland based company EJ Menswear has plenty of solutions for you.

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A pair of fitted boots would also look great with skinny jeans and also look extremely well with skinny tops such as tank tops. This of course applies to boys as well, who would look great in a pair of trainers with their favourite pair of jeans, or a classy pair of slouchy jeans for example. Jeans are great as they basically go with anything, it’s one of the reasons they are so popular. However the show part can undo you greatly if it’s mismatched.

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What shoes you wear with jeans can also depend on the outfit you are going for and which season it is too.. There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to what shoes you wear with jeans.A real big no no is wearing black shoes. Brown either dark or light leather is by far the best option. Trainers are ok but again, never, ever black.


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