What Could Be Driving Up Your Fleet Fuel Costs?

With the roads increasingly busy across the UK and online deliveries also increasing, many business owners are starting to consider what could be driving up their fleet fuel prices. As the traffic increases, more fuel is used and this in turn can increase your costs. In addition to weather conditions, the high use and mishandling of vehicles during the wet seasons, also adds to rising fuel costs. So what could be driving up your fleet fuel costs? For more information on an Allstar Fuel Card, visit Fuel Card Services, a provider of the Allstar Fuel Card.

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Winter Demand – Cold weather could be one of the biggest factors behind higher fuel costs over the winter months. For those drivers who have a vehicle that will be used for both summer and winter, it means there is a much greater chance of logging excess miles in the autumn and winter. Drivers, keen to get as many miles out of their fleet vehicles as possible, may find that they are inclined to use their engines more when the temperatures start to rise – which of course translates to extra fuel costs being incurred.

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Vehicle Design – Another possible contributing factor to what could be driving up your fleet fuel costs is the way the vehicle is driven. One of the biggest factors that impact how much fuel your car uses is how you drive. While some motorcyclists and car drivers would argue that the two don’t necessarily meet, when it comes to using their vehicle to commute to work in rush hour, more fuel is almost certainly being consumed. This means that there are now more hours logged by motorcyclists and car drivers using their vehicles for both work related and leisure time.

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