Different Types of Student Accommodation

A student accommodation refers to any building, whether privately owned or publicly owned, providing accommodations to students residing in that particular building. It includes dormitories, residence halls, Student Accommodation Cheltenham way such as Your perfect Pad and other alternatives. The accommodations offered are usually for students through their undergraduate or master degree programs.

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Dorms, in general terms, are the places where students sleep during the day. They are usually single rooms with shared beds and bathroom facilities. A dormitory is usually a large building mainly providing residential and sleeping quarters for thousands of individuals including university or college students studying for a variety of qualifications.. In some countries, however, it may also include a small room containing several single beds, sometimes requiring a shared bathroom facility.

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The rooms in the dormitory are generally smaller and have fewer facilities than those provided in universities and colleges. They are designed to provide a personal sleep and study space but many also include a communal meeting, cooking and dining area allowing for social interaction. Most dormitories are located at the edge of the campus, so that access is possible by staircase or elevators. Dormitories are usually separated by large walls with single doors. Most students in a will share a single room; however, there are students who will share multiple rooms, depending on the size of the dormitory. To maximise space many have roomates where by two people share the same room.


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