How to change your daily routine during the quarantine

Wherever you are and whatever you do, it is certain that the global pandemic affected your life in many ways. The changes that you had to go through, the panic all around you, and the constant anxiety have put a lot of strain on you. Then the social distancing, the canceling of your plans, and having to stay at home forced you to settle into a routine that probably makes you feel isolated and unhappy. However, you can still make the best of the situation and try to find ways to break from the routine and keep yourself healthy and happy.

Keep a journal

It might seem like a cliche, but one of the best things you can do when you feel isolated is to keep a journal. It can be a specific journal, such as a dream journal, a prayer journal, a gratitude or a memory journal, or just a simple daily journal where you write about your thoughts and feelings. The benefits of doing that are obvious: it relieves stress, anxiety, it allows you to self-reflect and articulate your thoughts and feelings better. There’s also a revelatory function to writing: when something is on your mind and you try to put it into words, your brain often comes up with new, fresher ways to look at the problem and that can help you find better solutions to it.

Reorganize your home

Now that you can’t go out as often as you used to and people don’t come over to your house, you probably don’t care about how your home looks. Even if you clean up regularly, you might be so deep in your daily routine that your home looks disorganized. Spending a lot of time at home is a perfect occasion to reorganize everything. You can redecorate, rearrange your furniture, sort your books and documents, throw away or donate things that you no longer need, and so on. This will give a fresher look to your home and will have a very positive psychological effect on you.

Find a new hobby

Now that you have more time for yourself, why not do something unusual to break away from the routine. You can start to do something that you always wanted to do or something rather unusual that requires a lot of concentration and skill. An idea would be to start painting by numbers. This can help you reduce anxiety and it is a great physical and mental training. Another idea would be to start Irish dancing. Whether you are Irish or non-Irish, learning this complicated dance can bring a lot of health benefits. Being a highly technical and physically demanding dance, it can improve your body coordination, your body posture, and keep you in shape. Irish dancing requires some specific accessories without which you can’t practice it in the genuine way- these are the dance shoes. Irish dance shoes can be found online at websites such as and you can start with some basic steps that can help you keep mentally focused and physically fit. You can also take up calligraphy, which is akin to meditation and has a lot of physical benefits thanks to the fact that it requires a lot of patience and concentration.

Create videos

Great things are often created out of boredom. Since the rule of social distancing was put in place, the Internet has seen a rise in funny videos. This is a way for people to connect with others and cope with social distancing more easily. However, you don’t necessarily have to post videos on the internet in order to cope with isolation. You can just channel your creativity and video document things that are going on in your life for yourself or for your loved ones. It can be a funny and wholesome video of your pet, of a family member, it can be a heartfelt video for someone you love or just a video of you doing something interesting. The most important thing is that you’ll have some fond memories that you’ll be able to access any time you want.