Interesting facts about PDF documents

At some point virtually everyone will have come across a PDF document. Whether this is by searching for something online only to be faced with a PDF download or through work uses where a document may be converted into a PDF before sending to a client.

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Here are some interesting facts about the world of PDF documents.

  • PDF documents are renowned for their read only status. This enables businesses to send documents to their clients that they want to avoid being changed.
  • A variety of different document types can all be turned into PDFs and you can also find PDF to Excel converters that will allow a read only PDF document to be changed into a working excel spreadsheet that you can alter for your specific needs.
  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format and was created in 1993.

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  • PDF documents can be opened up on a variety of platforms whether on a desktop computer or mobile phone. They can also be utilised using a variety of different software types.
  • PDF file format can be used for single page documents right through to entire ebooks and makes the sending and uploading of documents a lot easier.