Six tips for creating a great logo

Your business logo is one of the first things a potential client will see when looking to engage with your company; therefore, it is important to consider the style of your logo and make sure it is in keeping with your corporate message. Whether you are bouncing ideas around the executive boardroom or the kitchen table, here are six important aspects to think about.

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1. Brand

Quite possibly the most important aspect of any business is knowing your brand and your customers. Using a branding agency is a great starting point, as it will be experienced in helping to make your logo match your vision. A simple Google search such as ‘branding agency Cheltenham’ will identify companies that can help you.

2. Keep it simple

Complex logo styles are not necessary and are rarely memorable. The best advice is the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach. Some of the world’s largest companies have the simplest designs; what’s more, they work.

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3. Impression

Creating a great first impression is vital. Your logo is a window into your company and what it is about. Companies such as will have lots of invaluable advice.

4. Colours and fonts

Try to use just one or two colours in your design, while your font should be clear and legible. Potential customers should be able to clearly read your logo with a simple glance and not have to study the font – or worse, misread it altogether.

5. Logo type

You may wish to use an image in your design; alternatively, If you prefer a font-only style, this is good too. Just remember not to use complex imaging or messy font styles. You can look for inspiration in some of the world’s most recognisable logos.

6. Scalable

Before deciding on your final design, make sure you have chosen a scalable style – your logo could appear anywhere from websites to billboards. Hire a branding agency Cheltenham and get some advice on logo scalability. Seeing examples of a selection of logo styles in different sizes is an important part of the process.

Logo design can be a lengthy process, but the above tips should give you some powerful insight. Whoever you choose to assist you, make sure they provide you with a large selection of designs from which to choose.