green in decoration

4 ideas to use green in decoration

The green color is a tone present in nature, a natural setting that is also a source of inspiration in home decoration so often. How to use the color green in home decoration? This natural tone is one of the decoration trends. The green color refers metaphorically to hope.

1. Looking outward

green in decoration

The views of the window can become protagonists in those rooms that connect with the garden, that place that moves the protagonists to an area of wellness, beauty and harmony. A window overlooking a green area is integrated inside as a canvas that invites contemplation of that perspective.

A look outward that enhances the connection with nature from home. An antidote of serenity to prevent stress that brings a pleasant sensation of disconnection through conscious attention to the present. In addition, this postcard image seen from the window is changing, it evolves with the compass of the different stations, it is never completely identical.

An experience that can be applied to the living room, a place of enjoyment and meeting with others. A space in which the green color can also dress the elegance of the sofa as a furniture especially protagonist of this living area.

2. Wallpaper

green in decoration

The decoration can put the focus of attention in different parts of the house. Sometimes, on the wall. The paintings show the art that adds light to specific points of the house. Pictures that can also add this green color in their visual expression of beauty.

But there are many other formulas that allow updating the house through this renovation. For example, the wallpaper. There are many different designs. Therefore, the client has the opportunity to select his preferred proposal from a broad comparative of ideas. There are designs made from the combination of different tones. A nice binomial is one that is formed by the sum of green and white, a combination of beauty.

3. Green furniture

green in decoration

Wood color is one of the usual in home decoration. White furniture is also a timeless trend for its elegance and flexibility in combination with other shades. The originality of a piece of furniture can have the essence of a green color that dresses the surface of this product with which to gain extra storage space by arranging the different drawers.

The decoration of the home describes a history lived in the creativity of the now. That is, a space can be updated by investing in a more special piece for its aesthetic. A piece of furniture in green in contrast to a white wall is a possible idea.

While when you decorate a room with a wallpaper in green this tone becomes part of that place in a main way, you can also add this touch of color in small doses by selecting a more meaningful piece for you.

4. Accessories in green

green in decoration

The accessories are the main protagonists in the decoration of the home. Creativity focused in this direction can transform a place. The accessories reinforce the decorative style from the coherence of details that are integrated into the whole of that space. One of the advantages of adding the green color through accessories is the simplicity of integrating this idea into the visual set of a room.

The experience of decorating in green color produces aesthetic advantages due to the beauty of this color. And, also, at the mood level from the point of view of chromo therapy.