How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

Beautiful styling plays a primary role in a stylish female image, but she has one big drawback – the fast one loses its shape. This process is especially active during sleep, as well as under a headdress. Let’s talk today about how to keep lying during sleep and under the cap. We have collected the best tips from experienced women and beauty experts.

How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

Secrets of saving hairstyles for hair of different lengths

Wanting to keep styling until the morning, you should not go to bed with wet hair, otherwise, they will look untidy: creases, tangles, loss of volume. You can apply a small amount of fixing cosmetics on your hair, such as skin, lacquer or special spray. After that, proceed as follows, considering the length of the curls:

  • Short wear a net sleeping cap on your head to prevent creasing.
  • Medium and long. If you want to keep styling on medium and long hair, you can braid the braid. You can also collect strands in a bun at the top, dragging them with an elastic band or cotton band. In the morning, the curls will look neat; there will be a volume near the roots.
  • Naughty and too thick. Such hair before bedtime needs to be leveled using irons or a hair dryer, then each strand should be fixed invisible. The last step is a mesh hat. In the morning, the curls will be enough to shake hands, comb and sprinkle with varnish.

Experts recommend before going to bed if styling products have not been applied, to distribute 3-4 drops of lemongrass or mint oil over the tips of dry and combined hair. The oil will slow down the process of moisture evaporation, however, after its application; the hair must be collected in a horse’s tail (for smooth ones) or a high beam (for the naughty and curly).

How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

A few words about the materials

If you want to keep the styling, then you should abandon the nightgowns and bed linen made from artificial silk and wool. The thing is that synthetic materials, in contact with the skin, accumulate static electricity, which has a negative effect on the hair.

After sleeping on cotton bedding, you may notice that the curls are excessively dry and brittle – this fabric absorbs moisture. But natural satin and silk have a beneficial effect on hair. You can replace the mesh hat with a scarf made from such materials.

How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

How to keep a beautiful styling under the cap, snood, and scarf?

If you want the curls under the heading not to wrinkle, then go in a comprehensive way to the issues of caring for them:

  • Use moisturizing and emollient masks, sprays that will make the hair more elastic. However, resort to such care 1-2 times a week, because excessive moisture makes the hair more fat and heavy, so they quickly lose their shape.
  • Under the cap, the scalp, as well as the forehead, temples and neck sweat, therefore, to save styling during the day, you must use dry powder or shampoo. After applying them, you can gather hair in a bun on the back of your head for 2-3 minutes to return the lost volume.
  • Buy shampoos that guarantee good volume and protection during the cold season.
  • Always dry the curls until the end; otherwise, they will lose their shape under the cap. At the end of the hair dryer for 1-2 minutes turn on the cold air, which will prevent tangling of hairs?
  • Use an antistatic agent, a small amount of which can be applied to the inside of the cap or bed 30-40 minutes before leaving the house.

How To Keep Hair Styling For A Long Time?

In an effort to keep styling under the headgear, you must properly wear a hat. It does not need to be pulled on the head, but it is better to gently move it from the forehead to the back of the head, which will allow the hair to take on the necessary shape. If you have long hair, then collect them in a braid, and after removing the headgear, whip with a comb and cover with a thin layer of varnish if necessary. The bang is recommended to brush away from the forehead, after which you can wear a hat. After removing the last bangs take the usual form, you can easily beat it with your fingertips, but not with a comb, to prevent electrification.

How to make styling so that it does not collapse?

For summer styling, you can use regular irons and electric combs, in winter a steady volume is needed, so heavy artillery is used – a hairdryer. A stable stream of hot air allows you to give the wet curls the correct shape; to create styling is recommended to apply foam or fixing mousse. During drying, take the brushing, with which lift strands at the root, moving the dryer in the direction from top to bottom.

In winter, the emphasis of the beam is not on the basal styling, but on creating beautiful tips or leveling. For example, you can curl curls curling or curlers to the middle of the length, another win-win solution – leveling all the same hair dryer or irons. This hairstyle remains attractive for 2-3 days, it does not lose volume and is not crushed under the densest headdress.

Tip!  Wash your hair 1-2 hours before leaving the house, otherwise, they electrify and lose volume under the headgear. Do not fix wet curls with rubber bands, hairpins, and other accessories, because they will lead to the appearance of creases.

Proper hat – the main secret of a beautiful haircut

Synthetics are electrified; natural fabrics are not, so make a choice in favor of the latter. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the style of the cap, because the models, tight to the head, do not leave a chic styling a single chance. Take a closer look at loose berets, beanie caps, as well as scarves and shoes made from natural wool or knitwear.

With the help of the above methods and recommendations, you can save styling both in the cold season and during sleep. Be sure to consider the type of your hair and their structure, select the right care, which will prevent tangling, creases, and excessive thinness. Use a hairdryer for drying only a few times a week, because the daily thermal effect thins the curls, making them dull and brittle.