How to run safely at night

Running is a great way to keep fit, but many of us have to do it in the dark because of family and work commitments. During the Spring and Summer months, a nice evening run can be incredibly relaxing, especially if you return to enjoy a nice cold glass of your favourite drink in the garden as you cool down. The Autumn and Winter months are however a whole different game and you will want to ensure that your boiler at home is in full working order so you can snuggle up in the warm when you return from your run. A Cheltenham Boiler service company such as can help out with providing you with an annual service to keep an eye on the efficiency of your system.

Regardless of the time of your you are out running, here are our tips on how to feel safe when you’re pounding the streets at night.

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Be alert

If you’re running at night on your own, you need to be extra cautious about where you run and be fully prepared. If you’ve got headphones on and you’re maintaining a steady pace, it’s easy to zone out, but you must ensure you pay attention to your surroundings at the same time. If you have to wear headphones, use only one earbud and keep the volume down.

Be prepared

It goes without saying that high-viz clothing is essential for staying safe when running at night, but there are other things to consider too. Carry some form of ID in case of emergency and, of course, your mobile, which can make an emergency call at the touch of a button. Also use your mobile to track your run.

Stick to familiar routes

It’s not a good idea to explore a new running route at night, when you’re on your own. Sticking to familiar paths where you know every bit of track, road, tree and housing is advisable, although you should avoid running exactly the same route every night in case of unwanted attention.

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Run with others

The Guardian recommends that if you are worried about personal safety, you should consider joining a running club or try a night-time organised run. If not, see if you can find a running buddy.

Run against traffic

Give drivers a clear view of you by facing traffic as you run. Try and avoid busy rush-hour times and wear a cap or visor if the headlights dazzle you. As well as high-viz clothing, you might want to wear a headlamp to alert others to your presence.

Wear a camera

As well as sports cameras which film your movements, some runners are using body worn cameras for peace of mind and to act as a deterrent to potential attackers.

Trust your instincts

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to leave your route and head to a busier area, where there are more people around.