Creating the perfect place for a spot of reading

Reading is incredibly important for our children’s development and there are many studies that have been undertaken looking at the impact of the time your children read each day and their subsequent results in SATs and other academic tests. Children essentially learn by watching what we do as parents and enjoying some time reading a book together will help set them off on the right path.

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Creating the right environment for reading is important as no one can concentrate on the words in front of them if the television is blaring in the corner. But not all of us have the facility and space to be able to have a room dedicated to reading. This is why many people are choosing to develop a reading nook area in the corner of one of their rooms. This could be in a bedroom or perhaps an area of the living room. If you are looking to create something similar, then there are a few tips that you may want to follow.

Choosing the right place for your nook is the first task. You want somewhere that is going to provide enough natural light during the day and be close enough to a light source at night as well as being somewhere that is cosy and inviting. Preferably you want this to be away from any other distractions such as the television or games consoles.

Making yourself comfortable in the space is the next step in creating a great environment for immersing yourself into the delights of your chosen book. For this you may want to look at an Eames Office Chair or other Eames Chair design like the ones you can find at or if you prefer to be cuddled up when you read then perhaps look at a hammock style option. Add some comfy cushions and a throw or two to the chair to add an element of comfort to your reading nook.

Depending on the space that you have available you may want to have some bookshelves in the area to hold all of your books. If, however you are short on space you may want to house the bookshelves elsewhere and perhaps have a few wicker storage boxes that you can place your current book in.  You could store your favourite throw or blanket in the storage box as well.

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Canopies are incredibly popular in the creation of reading spaces for children. The canopy adds a feeling of luxury a well as providing them with somewhere they can snuggle up under and really throw themselves into the magical world of their chosen book.

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