How to Decorate for Christmas in a Small Space

Decorating for Christmas in small spaces can be a challenging task. You must be strategic about where your Christmas decorations are placed; otherwise you will have no space for anything else.

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Read our simple tips on how to decorate for Christmas in a small space.

Buy a Corner Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Although you have a small space, that does not mean you cannot display a Christmas tree, and a flat-back corner pre-lit artificial tree will fit perfectly into any small space. In fact, artificial Christmas trees have boomed in popularity in recent years, with an estimated 81 per cent of homeowners now selecting them over real trees.

Place in a preferred corner, arrange the branches, decorate with lights and ornaments and place your presents underneath, ready for the big day. As the tree is placed out of the way, a big advantage is that you and your family will not be tripping over it while it brings your small space alive with the spirit of Christmas.

Create a Christmas Tree Wall

If you are short on space, you may choose not to display a Christmas tree at all, but this does not mean you cannot decorate for the season.

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Consider creating a pre-lit wall tree with decorative pinecones, berries and a bow. You could display this indoors or even on your front door.

Hang Lights on Your Window

One of the easiest ways to decorate in a small space is to hang icicle LED Christmas lights which attach to window glass using strong suction cups.

Choose a multicoloured, pure white or warm white effect to decorate your window box, mantel, bookcase, windows or exterior of your home.

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Use Christmas Cards

Christmas decorating does not need to be tacky or over the top. One simple way to decorate is to take a selection of Christmas cards and display them in an artwork frame to create holiday wall art.

Lift the latch of the open glass door on the front of the frame and carefully place several of your favourite Christmas cards into the frame’s pocket. Close the door and hang the frame on the wall to display the cards for everyone to see, creating an artistic Christmas decoration for any small space.