These are the hottest cocktails right now

There is always something new to be found in the world of alcoholic drinks. Whether it is micro-brewed beer, fruity cider or flavoured gin, pubs and clubs try their best to stay on trend. Cocktails, however, have stood the test of time all over the world and are more popular and fashionable to drink than ever.

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The latest in cocktails

According to Trading Standards UK, a cocktail is a drink made from three or more liquids, meaning that each drink is a delicious combination of flavours specially created to tantalise your taste buds.

Although cocktails are a classic drink, they are increasing in popularity due to fresh ideas used by bars to attract customers. From new takes on old classics to alchemy, smoke, floral flavours and mixology, the cocktail has been reinvented of late and remains a favourite drink.

One of the newest cocktail crazes is the addition of post mix juices such as Traditionally flavoured soft drinks made with high-quality botanicals that taste fantastic in a cocktail, post mix juices are flavoured with a variety of fruits. Choose orange and passion fruit or apple and mango to add a new twist to your cocktail.

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Here are our hottest cocktails of 2018

The Old Fashioned is the best selling cocktail for the fourth year in a row – whiskey mixed with Angostura bitters, sugar and ice, this is the perfect drink for those who like their whisky a dash sweeter.

The Negroni has kept its spot as runner up – a third of gin, a third of sweet vermouth and a third of Campari, the Negroni is a refreshing summer tipple.

The Whisky Sour has climbed a few places this year – made with bourbon, lemon juice, sugar and an egg white, this bittersweet cocktail is ideal to cleanse the palate.

The Dry Martini, made with gin instead of vodka has also climbed a place this year, becoming more popular than the classic Martini. A mix of gin and dry vermouth, the Dry Martini is garnished with an olive.

The Daiquiri is a classic summer cocktail and in 2018 was the most ordered rum drink around the globe. The Daiquiri is usually made with lime juice, white rum and sugar syrup, however, variations such as the Strawberry Daiquiri are also very popular.