The Importance Of HGV Insurance

Having insurance before you take to the road in any type of vehicle is a legal requirement. If you intend to drive on a public road anywhere in the UK or Europe, make sure you are covered.

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Legal Requirement

Failing to secure the correct insurance breaks the law, and there are consequences for those who are caught that include financial penalties. Depending on the exact nature of the offence, there might be penalties on a driving licence or even a ban from driving altogether.

The laws are there to protect all road users, and failing to take out adequate insurance cover puts you and other users of the road in danger. If you were to get into an accident while uninsured, it would be difficult for other parties involved to recoup damage to their property. Moreover, if the accident is your fault, you could be liable personally for damage. If people are injured, the sums involved can be quite significant.

Types of Insurance

There are different levels of cover available that you can choose from depending on your needs and your budget. The minimum level required by law is termed third-party insurance, which is sufficient to cover claims from other road users. As an HGV driver, given the sheer size of the vehicle, any accident is likely to cause significant damage, so it is worth looking for more in-depth cover.

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Comprehensive insurance is available, and there are additional options available such as breakdown cover, lost keys, windscreens and more. Check the specifics carefully, and know the add-ons you are covered for. Some will be more useful than others. For an HGV driver who is frequently a long way from home, knowing they have breakdown assistance can offer peace of mind.

The AA goes into more detail about the different types of cover available and explains how your excess works. When you have an idea of what you need, speak to a specialist insurance business like Quote Me Today to get the HGV insurance you need.

Cost will vary depending on factors such as your age, experience, and previous claims, so it is best to get several quotes before you commit. Deterrents like an alarm can also affect a premium positively, so look at ways to bring down the cost.