whiten teeth

How to whiten teeth with folk remedies qualitatively

Yellow teeth, covered with bloom, can make any person feel not too cozy and hide their own smile. That is why teeth whitening with folk remedies is a very popular topic, and several recipes will be given in this article.

whiten teeth

Why do teeth change color?

First, you need to understand why teeth darken and change their color, because prevention is always much better than treatment, in addition, after bleaching procedures, everyone wants the effect to last as long as possible.

Teeth change their color under the influence of coloring substances that are contained in our food. Darkens teeth from tea, coffee, cigarettes, juices from red fruits, etc. And their natural cleansing, and consequently, the preservation of whiteness, contributes to the use of solid fruits and vegetables. If you gnaw apples and carrots every day, bleaching procedures will not be needed too soon. Keep readingĀ http://www.westbrookdentalstudio.com/use-dental-floss-types-one-choose/

How to start the whitening procedure

Ideally, it is best to consult a dentist first. Sometimes tooth enamel is too tender and home bleaching can damage it. In addition, if you have tooth decay or dental calculus, the active substances can enter the pulp and cause inflammation. Therefore, no matter how reliable and effective you seem to be in the way to whiten your teeth with folk remedies, you should use reasonable caution.

The easiest and safest method is how to whiten teeth with folk remedies. Grind activated charcoal powder, and just brush your teeth. In addition to bleaching properties, coal has a mild abrasive effect and is very useful in controlling plaque. Our ancestors used ordinary ashes, only first it should be sifted to remove large pieces that could injure enamel or gums.

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal can be done using any recipe from the following:

  • The tablets must be crushed into powder, and then brushed in stages with a brush, using a black powder instead of the usual tooth powder. Do not press on the brush too much, brushing your teeth for longer than 3 minutes is not recommended. At the end of cleaning, rinse the oral cavity with water.
  • Powder from tablets can be added to the toothpaste. You can make a special black paste, mixing the entire contents of the tube with 10 tablets, powdered into powder. But put the paste in the tube back will not work, so you need to think about the storage capacity for the prepared mixture. You can also make a one-off portion of charcoal paste for each cleaning.
  • You can simply chew the tablet for 5 minutes, then rinse your mouth.

Teeth should not be rubbed too much, and the procedure can be repeated every two to three days.