The ultimate checklist for moving to a new house

Moving to a new house can be a stressful experience; however, if you plan ahead, it doesn’t have to be. From choosing the best day to move to telling various companies that you are moving, there are a few things you can do to make your move smooth and simple.

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Here is the ultimate checklist for moving to a new house.

Write a moving list

Write a moving checklist that you can use to make sure everything is packed and in order. There are lots of free templates that you can use online for this. Some of these are partially filled out so that you don’t need to write a full list.

It can also be useful to write an outgoing list for the next tenants of the house with useful information; for example, you may want to include information about the fuse box, the boiler, and the utility companies the house is registered with.

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Look for recommendations

Before you choose a removal company, it can be useful to look around for some recommendations. This is because there can be a lot of variation between companies. Prices can range from affordable to expensive, and some companies may have a limit on how much they can move. Ask your friends and family who helped them to move, or ask a professional Cheltenham property management company such as for a recommendation. Check out reviews online to make sure you find the best removal team for your belongings.

Avoid moving on weekends or bank holidays

It can be tempting to arrange your move for a long weekend; however, it is best to avoid bank holidays and weekends, as this is when removal companies – and roads! – tend to be busiest. If you want to oversee the move and ensure that the team doesn’t need to rush off to another project, choose a weekday and book the day off work.

Notify companies

As the moving day starts to approach, you should inform HMRC, the bank, TV licensing and utility companies that you are moving to a new house. This will mean you don’t get overcharged for bills once you move. You will also be able to inform companies of your new address, so you can get new accounts set up before you even move in.