Running a Delegate-Focused Event

When planning an event like a conference, it’s important to factor in the comfort and engagement of your expected delegates. What makes a conference special for a delegate? You’ll want your event to stand out, be remembered for all the right reasons and make attendees want to return again and again. Here are some ways to ensure your delegates get the most from their experience:

Comfort and Well-being

Thinking about physical needs is just as important as the content of the event. You’ll want to make sure that the venue you choose ticks all the boxes in accessibility, amenities and comfort. Choose a venue with lots of natural light and opening windows to prevent a room becoming unbearably hot or stuffy. Choose a venue with good rest facilities such as a place for delegates to take a breather, stretch their legs and maybe a nice outside area in which to sit and eat, chat or take a short walk.

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With many trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s a great idea to offer healthy, nutritious snacks such as nuts, vegetables, fruit and cereal bars as opposed to cake, pastries and other temptations. Always check for any special dietary requirements and provide plenty of vegetarian options as even those who have not signed up as vegetarian might prefer a light lunch. As well as the usual tea and coffee, try to offer a range of refreshments including herbal tea, juice and water.

Importance of a Break

To avoid stress and lethargy, make sure your delegates understand that during break times, they can leave the building, make the most of the amenities and have plenty to eat and drink. Conferences can be tiring, even if you’re just sitting and soaking up all the information. Try to get your delegates to avoid accessing emails, taking calls or any other work-related activity that will distract and increase their stress levels. For help running your event, contact Conference Management Companies Dublin such as

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Keep it organised

You feel more efficient when you’re organised and delegates will feel the same way if you keep their day organised. Keeping on theme and on schedule will increase their engagement, attention levels and what they learn from your event. Hand out lots of paper, pens and a folder to store everything. A printed agenda is also very useful for delegates to know exactly what’s on and where they need to be.

Staying on theme

The content of your event is key so make sure that every part is current, relevant and engaging. Try to schedule very important or complex material as early on in the event as possible when delegates are fresh and raring to go. This also works well for delegates who might not be able to attend the full day’s scheduling. Offer opportunities for people to directly engage, with Q&A sessions, time for informal open debate and rooms set-aside for further chats and networking. People always engage more when they feel they have a voice and can offer their own opinions and thoughts.