What is the best type of blind for a bathroom?

Blinds can be a beautiful addition to the design of your bathroom. The only problem might be working out which style is right for you.

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To help you out, here is a brief guide to bathroom blinds and the choices you need to make, whether you want the traditional appearance of wood grain, the uncomplicated style of roller blinds, or a shiny venetian.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the ideal option for windows that are away from baths, showers and sinks. They are practical and extremely easy to maintain, and they are as suitable for large bathrooms as they are for small cloakrooms.

Venetian blinds can also be purchased to complement a huge range of interior designs, whether you need a traditional look, a splash of colour to add an accent to a room, or metallic tones and special finishes to create a sleek, stylish, contemporary look.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for big glazed windows or doors. Their moisture resistance is a real bonus in wet rooms and bathrooms, where you need to be assured that your window dressings won’t be damaged by the environment.

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They offer an excellent array of styles and designs, which can work well as part of both traditional and contemporary designs, and hardwearing and durable PVC fabrics are particularly suitable for wet rooms and steamy bathrooms.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds could be the ideal choice if you want a clutter-free and neat look. Waterproof roller blinds also offer a practical, easy-care window dressing solution, and there is a huge range of designs and fabrics available from companies such as http://www.ucblinds.co.uk/Roller-Blinds/PVC-Waterproof-Roller-Blinds.

This type of blind can be really useful in areas where you really want to maximise light or space, such as darker bathrooms or small cloakrooms. Find out more about making the most of your bathroom at http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/design/space_bathrooms.shtml. Roller blinds can also filter light in an attractive way whilst offering you the privacy you need.

Faux wood blinds

You might immediately discount wooden blinds for a bathroom, but there are now moisture-resistant faux wood options that can add a fantastic effect to either contemporary or traditional designs.

Faux wood blinds can offer the beauty of wood combined with the practicality and versatility of man-made materials. They are durable and hardwearing, and there are stylish options to suit all tastes.