Four reasons to use a dash cam

Dash cams have exploded in popularity in recent years, with motorists choosing to snap up these compact cameras for a variety of reasons. Here are just four of the key benefits they offer.

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Evidence gathering

The main purpose of a dash board camera is to capture a clear record of any incidents that occur on the road while you are behind the wheel. This is especially useful if you are involved in a collision or other form of accident, as the video evidence can be incredibly useful further down the line.

Each year around 140,000 incidents involving personal injury caused on the roads are reported; therefore, it pays to be able to prove who was in the wrong when insurers and the courts get involved.

Reducing recklessness

Even if you are not involved in an accident that requires dash cam footage as evidence, you may want to use what you capture to help fight back against other road users who are a danger to themselves and others.

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With a dash cam from a supplier such as, you can catch reckless drivers in the act – whether they are over the limit and putting lives at risk or merely arrogant enough to ignore the rules of the road. It makes reporting people like this so much simpler.

Peace of mind

There are plenty of instances in which a dash cam will be useful to simply keep tabs on how your vehicle is being used when you are not behind the wheel. This applies to parents who want to lend their cars to their teenagers while still being able to keep a watchful eye on their driving style and habits to dissuade them from misbehaving. It can also make sense in a business setting whereby fleet managers want to keep tabs on their vans and other vehicles.

Fight fraud

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudsters who wring cash out of the insurance industry by deliberately causing car accidents and placing claims for compensation. This practice costs innocent motorists millions each year. A dash cam can easily record the phoney tactics deployed by con men and women to set up crashes.

The positioning of the camera and the quality of the hardware is obviously important in this respect, so it is important to research the right model to buy.