Game Inspiration for Your Summer Fete

Whether you’re having a summer fair to raise money for your local school or just to hold a fun family event, you need to think of the entertainment. After all, the more fun activities that you have available, the more your guests will want to dig deep, not only to have fun, but to help you raise funds too. Here are some ideas for what you could plan.

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Guessing Games

This is a fun game that could be tailored to almost anything. You could ask your guests to guess the weight of an animal, the amount of sweets in a jar, or to guess the name of a teddy bear. Centre it around your theme to make it more relevant.

Pot Luck

There are several variations of this game which allows your guests to choose at random to see if they win a prize. You could put lolly sticks into a flower pot, each with different colours painted on the end, and those who play have to choose the stick with the correct colour to win. Prizes could also be hidden in boxes or your guests could use ping pong balls to get their ball into a winning cup for other versions of the game.

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Classic Games

One of the favourites, especially for children, is hook a duck. Parents like this game as a prize can usually be won on every turn, making sure their child does not walk away empty handed. Spin the wheel is another traditional game which is very popular.

Hiring Entertainment

Whilst you can arrange most of the games yourself, hiring some outside entertainment is a great way to make the day one to remember. You could look at rodeo bull manufacturers to add something a little different to your fete, something that will be guaranteed to make your guests smile. Looking at websites such as will give you an idea of costs and whether it will fit into your budget.

What Else to Consider?

If you’re planning a fete there are a number of factors to take into account. You need a suitable date, different events planned and lots of volunteers. If the fete is for your school, you could try some of these tips to help increase student involvement.

Choosing the right games will help ensure your fete is fun and successful.