5 great reasons to get outdoors and get active this month

The longer days mean that British summertime is here, and regardless of the weather, there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and make the most of nature. So, why is it so important for us to get outdoors? Science has the answers…

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Forests are naturally calming

Research shows that time spent amongst trees and woodland has a powerful benefit in terms of lowering blood pressure and stress levels. Scientists in Japan have carried out extensive studies that show how time in the natural world can stave off depression. As Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, coupled with the longest working hours, the country’s Forestry Agency has now created a series of forest therapy trails, where visitors can have their blood pressure monitored by rangers.

Nature’s sounds appeal

The sounds we listen to have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Sound studies by The Sound Agency have shown that both silence and natural sound can benefit people. A cited example is that people find bird song to be relaxing. From an evolutionary perspective, we feel good if we can hear the relaxing sound of birds.

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Nature inspires creativity

A team from the University of Utah found that the modern tendency towards multi-tasking meant that people’s brains become rapidly overtaxed. This leads to a reduction in creativity, distraction management and also a sense of identity. Just four days of backpacking in the great outdoors was shown to boost creativity by 50pc. Why not enjoy energy and creativity with, for example, some Nottingham tank driving at https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/?

Water benefits our bodies and minds

Water releases negative ions which are a natural antidepressant and this explains why we tend to feel better after walking alongside a river bank or lake. For those brave enough for a cold water dip, the endorphin rush is also a powerful mood booster.

Nature smells great

Great smells are linked with positive emotions. Scents and fragrances have a profound, immediate effect. Plants and trees emit volatile organic compounds which reduce anxiety and slow down breathing. Simply walking outdoors will allow you to experience all kinds of beautiful, beneficial fragrances that will revive body and soul.

What will encourage you to get outdoors this spring? Whether alone, with a dog, family or friends, there is no reason not to.

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