Stunning Waterfalls of the Caribbean

If you love nothing better than immersing yourself in beautiful landscapes and scenic attractions then Planning a trip to the Caribbean is in order. Hiking to a waterfall in the Caribbean is an exercise in pure joy. The hike itself is pretty amazing in itself, usually through a tropical landscape in the company of a guide. But your destination will provide you with some serious wow factor and give you a chance to take a dip before heading back.

Like anything worth doing, the best hikes take effort and may involve clambering over boulders or hopping from rock to rock across a stream but that’s part of the adventure and if you’ve worked to get somewhere, reaching the destination is even more rewarding. Thankfully, not all the best waterfalls in the Caribbean need to be hiked to and some can be reached by car. Imagine your stresses drifting away as you relax under the cascades and share a romantic moment with your partner.

Concord Falls, Grenada

The first fall can be reached by car and most people aim to see just this one as the others require some effort to get to. The second fall takes a 45 minute hike on a well-travelled path through a nutmeg plantation. The third is another 45 minute hike which is tricky to navigate with boulders and muddy streams but is definitely worth it to see the cascades drop from 65 feet. Swimming is allowed here and you’ll be glad of the opportunity if you make it this far. You’ll find locals here offering to perform incredible dives for a tip.

Falls of Baleine  St. Vincent

Reaching these falls is a quest in itself but the rewards are great. To get there, visitors must access the falls via a boat trip, then wade through the water to reach the beach and then follow a five minute guided walk. The reward is a dip in a freshwater pool to wash the salt off and gaze in awe at the 60-foot cascade thundering into the pool.

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Dunn’s River Falls  Jamaica

The falls do get crowded, especially on days when a cruise ship is in port. This is not always a bad thing though as part of the fun is the tradition to form a human chain and climb the falls linked together, led along by a local guide. The tradition might sound odd but families especially enjoy it and it’s a great bonding exercise. For more information on Caribbean getaways, visit

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s iconic attractions. No hiking is needed to reach the falls, which are located in Ocho Rios, a popular tourist resort on Jamaica’s north coast. Don’t expect to find this a romantic and secluded spot though as this is a busy tourist attraction. The falls drop 180 feet and are one of the few Caribbean falls that actually cascade into the sea.

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Diamond Falls  Saint Lucia

Popular with honeymooners, Saint Lucia is one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean. One must-see attraction here is Diamond Falls, which is part of the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall. When visitors set off along the path to the falls, they may catch a whiff of sulfur from the nearby underground sulfur springs bubbling up to the surface. On reaching the falls, you will find a cascade hurtling down from a height of 50 feet and thankfully swimming is permitted and there are even changing rooms available!