How Fabric Structures Can Work Perfectly in Schools

Fabric structures can be used to great advantage in school environments, providing shelter from the elements and fantastic outdoor learning spaces. Here we look at how you can use these structures to improve your school environment and what benefits they offer.

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How You Can Use Fabric Structures

A tensile structure is ideal for creating a shaded area in playgrounds, to provide an outdoor classroom or just to use as a covered walkway from different buildings.

All of these types of structures provide effective protection from the weather and can be manufactured in a range of different colours to give a vibrant feature to your school that will be loved by everyone. There’s also the possibility of personalising the PVC-coated fabric to feature your school’s brand or relevant images.

Benefits of Outdoor Space

The amount of outdoor space in UK schools is an important factor in enhancing the well-being and fitness levels of children, which is essential when you understand that the number of children visiting any size of outside green space has fallen by 50% in just a generation.

As families lead busier lives, they don’t always have the time to spend outdoors, so schools play a crucial role in educating children about the benefits of being outside and what we can find all around us.

Hands-on Learning

Installing a tensile structure at your school, such as those designed by, provides you with an outdoor learning space to develop hands-on lessons where children can take part in activities that aren’t possible inside, including science experiments, musical lessons and art projects.

Meeting Place

When children are learning outside, a fabric structure provides a great meeting point and a space for everyone to gather at the end to discuss what they have learnt.

Permanent Structure

Unlike some materials, tensile structures give schools a permanent outdoor classroom that can be built into their lesson plans. It gives teachers the opportunity to take children outside regularly without the need to take them off school property.

A Range of Uses

Fabric structures are not just useful as outdoor classrooms: they can offer a number of uses to your pupils and teachers. You can turn them into areas for children to gather and chat at break times or have somewhere to eat their lunch in the summer.