Do you desire Designer?

Designer labels are found on clothing that is made by a recognised fashion designer. Any item that bears the logo of that designer or fashion house can be considered to be ‘designer’. Of course, through the years, original designers have died and the brand continues to be produced under licence. For example, Chanel has Karl Lagerfeld as it’s chief designer since Chanel has long since passed away. This form of licensing has been commonplace since the 1970’s.

The quality of designer jeans also differ from normal high street jeans due to the quality of the fabric used, durability, design details and washability. Rivets, stitching and distressing methods also make designer jeans a bit more special in their appearance and add to the price label of course. For Womens designer jeans, find a good online stockist and research who stock womens designer jeans.

Why do people desire designer labels so much? To display garments or items with the name of a prominent brand is thought to make the owner come across with the same wealth, success and taste as the brand. It is an association of success and quality. Labels originated in Medieval times when metalwork was hallmarked to assure it’s quality and origin. By the 18th century, pottery and ceramic makers were printed their names onto their pieces and after industrialisation, when goods became more mass produced and shipped globally, manufacturers would stamp their name on everything.

Clothing is also a symbol of status as well as being a form of expression. Wearing a designer label says much more about you than simply where you shop, it shows people your income level, your style tastes and whether you are sophisticated or funky. Many argue that these more expensive items are better made and offer real luxury, lasting longer and representing a good investment in your comfort and confidence.

Designer jeans are incredibly popular because if you want the good stuff, the quality fabric, finest details and best fits then you’ll need to know what brands to look out for:

Levi’s – the original and ultimate in denim desirability. Other top original names to look out for are Wrangler and Saint Laurent.

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Uniqlo – a Japanese contingent that’s swept the US with affordable and slim fits

Gap – affordable with great modern, slim fits

Naked & Famous – attention grabbing and even include glow in the dark fabrics

Acne – founded in 1997 in Sweden. The cuts are European in style and generally skinny with minimal branding

Big John – these were the first denim jeans made in Japan

Calvin Klein – their designer denim craze began in the 1970’s with not only his name put on the back pocket but also an iconic advertising campaign that saw the popularity of these jeans rise incredibly. Brooke Shields made all the right headlines with the phrase ‘nothing comes between me and my Calvins’.