When the Jeep Renegade raises its hind legs

When we tested cars, some behaviors or failures may be due to that particular unit and not repeated in another. We discussed with others who have also tested that model, but another unit, to find out. Anyway, it’s something we always ask to make sure the brand. Sometimes it is a detail of finish, such as a sunroof that makes noise even closed and does not occur in other units. And always explain.

To the fellow km77 happened something similar, but much more spectacular. It happened a Jeep Renegade in 2015. When testing emergency braking, the rear wheels were lifted. Finally, it proved only that unit. Until they returned to try a Renegade recently and has returned to lift the rear wheels.

when-the-jeep-renegade-raises-its-hind-legsRaising the legs

The video is spectacular and logically has created a stir, especially in those with a Jeep Renegade. Especially when you see that something similar happens with another unit in a test of an Italian environment. In Jeep are already investigating what can cause this dramatic situation.

Seeing the car by a reversed, as if it were a motorcycle, it is legitimate to ask: What if I spin the wheels at the time to avoid an obstacle? In that case, the stability control (ESC) with rollover electronic mitigation come into action, removing front brake for the rear wheels are back on the ground. That is not capsize. On the other hand, neither the author of the test Jeep Renegade says it is a dangerous thing. It merely explains what happened.

How is the Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade, as many SUV, has much weight in front and a high center of gravity. For that reason, as in many cars, the greater braking force is applied to the front wheels. If in the rear, they would be blocked would prevent -the ABS, but stopping distances would be much longer because of the inertia.

Moreover, the Renegade equipped with stability control (ESC) with electronic roll mitigation. In a normal braking situation, the dealer applies the full force can on the front wheels. The limit of force applied gives it the sensor rear axle ESC- -from which will detect when the wheels are about to rise and prevents it.

However, when the control unit interprets it is an emergency braking (by the very short between you release the accelerator and step on the brake force with which you brake time), the assistant emergency braking BAS brakes with full power ahead, leaving the rear sensor information in the background. What visibly, sometimes it causes the rear wheels rise asphalt.