7 tips to adapt your bedroom to cold

The fall has struggled to come, and although in many areas, the temperatures are higher than they should, in the houses and that fresh announcing the arrival of cold note. If you want the temperature change not catch you changed over, today we bring you several tips to adapt your room to fall.

One room we have to care face the coming winter to give extra comfort and warmth. After all, in winter we spent many more hours in our room. To read or to watch TV at night huddled in blankets, or because we are not the slackers weekend not to leave the warmth of the bed.

7-tips-to-adapt-your-bedroom-to-coldTaking care of textiles

The textiles have to take care throughout the year, but clearly are much more used during the fall and winter. Therefore, we must pay special attention to textiles during the coldest months of the year in order to achieve greater comfort as … Who does not like watching a movie under a blanket, leaning on a pile of soft cushions?

Choose a good quilt

No worse than the time the alarm sounds in the morning, and we have to leave the warmth of bed to go to work. Or there is nothing nicer than waking up on Sunday and stay in bed under the quilt protection. We clear the importance of quilts and bedding. For this time of year, better to choose linens in warm colors to counter the cold around us.

The blankets will never go out of fashion

Even if you have a good pens, it never hurts to have a blanket at the foot of the bed .Dress the room, and who knows when it will come in handy a blanket?

Fill your bedroom pillows

Yes, we know there are many people who detest see pillows in your bedroom, because they consider it a waste of time every morning to place them away every night before bedtime. But besides aesthetics, cushions give warmth to the atmosphere, and give us a touch of comfort when we get to bed to read or watch TV.


In many homes the carpets are removed when the heat comes. And now, it is time to replace them. For aesthetics, because we like, and that help us fight the cold, putting a gap between our feet and the cold floor to get out of bed or while we dress. If they are made of wool or fluffy and long hair, the better, we will have greater sense of comfort.

Curtains against the cold

By day, the curtains have to be run to let the dwindling sunlight, but at night, we have to forget curtains and sheer curtains to make way for curtains of thick fabrics that will help us create a screen more against the cold coming through the window. One solution may be a double curtain, thicker and a dark color for protection from the cold night, and a thinner and clear to letting in daylight.

Candles to give a warm touch

Candles are an ideal for autumn and winter evenings complement. We help create atmosphere and give a warm touch to our spaces. And in the bedroom, on tables or on the dresser or vanity allow us to make more cozy bedroom. And if it is a candle that smells of ginger, or a winter scent, what more could you ask for?