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14 legendary spy gadgets those are missing Jason Bourne

The premiere of ‘Jason Bourne’, new installment in the saga based on Robert Ludlum’s characters, topical relocates the fascinating figure spy. I guess we all, at some point, have fantasized about being one of those secret agents who travel the globe performing missions. They have set realistic and raw portraits; however, the prevalent image in literature, television and cinema is that of an invincible and irresistible hero.

This idealized spy has an extraordinary marksmanship and a great skill for melee (as well as other talents) but a key part of its appeal are the gadgets. Wonderful technological inventions that help the hero in many different ways, fundamental to escape thousands of dangers and successfully accomplish all its missions. Here we review the most legendary gadgets presented on the big screen…

spy gadgets
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The purpose clock (adapted espionage)

With 24 titles, the saga of James Bond is the main source of the seventh art gadgets. A seemingly indispensable gadget for the secret agent is the watch you see in ‘Live and Let Die’. Far from simply giving the time, it has a powerful magnet that can be exploited in various ways (to deflect bullets or lower zippers, for example) and an option saw that can be crucial to survive if the spy has fallen into the hands of the villain. Moreover, no one will be suspicious of a clock. In fact, Bond has had several over the years but this is the most memorable model.

Detachable pistol gold

Possibly the most gun cool franchise 007. The wields the legendary Christopher Lee in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and is assembled from three pieces that avoid currents suspicion: a case for cigarettes, a lighter and a pen.

The camera throwing lasers

“Smile!” it may be the last you hear the enemy spy carry the unique invention that turns a camera into a lethal weapon. Sure, perhaps we should modernize the design because the system devised by Q in ‘License to Kill’ can draw too much attention today, and a secret agent should go unnoticed.

X-ray glasses

A gadget that seems essential in the catalog spy is this pair of glasses with X -rays we see in ‘The World Is Not Enough’. As portrays the scene, apart from functioning as weapons detector has another utility for the womanizing secret agent (the problem may be justified indoor use).

Lens camera and scanner

A tool that can make a difference in the performance of espionage are fantastic camera lenses that incorporate photo and video, plus scanner. We have examples of what can be done with them in the comedy ‘I Spy’ and the thriller ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’, curiously two adaptations of TV series.

Fiction stories have always inspired genuine inventions, offering a first look at products that at first seem unique to the imagination of writers, writers and artists whose work has just captured on the screen. The contact lenses with built-in camera is one of those gadgets that could soon be available in stores. Of course, use can be quite problematic…

The explosive gum

Before reaching the prodigious lenses, the series ‘Mission: Impossible’ presented us with a less luxurious but equally effective invention: the pump gum. It’s like those ads that sell children the possibility of huge balloons that can explode at any time to delight your friends … but led the field of espionage. The masterful staging of Brian de Palma got a scene that could easily have resulted ridiculous ended up being one of the most powerful in the film.

Gloves adhesives

Sometimes, the spy must climb buildings or difficult surfaces that are not worth traditional solutions, and what you need is this pair of wonderful gloves: with them, Ethan Hunt could be Spider-Man during a spectacular scene of ‘Ghost Protocol’ unfit for viewers with vertigo. Just do care if the little light turns red …

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The explosive case

Many of these gadgets can be carried in pockets but perhaps the spy needs a case to keep all or be more comfortable. For that matter, why not turn it into a small arsenal? That’s what you think when you send IM6 007 to a new mission in ‘From Russia with Love’. Rounding out the invention has a unique security system to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands …

The Swiss army knife with crossbow

As good parody of 007, the adaptation of ‘Superagente film 86’ ( ‘Get Smart’, 2008) should have its own supply of gadgets. One of the craziest is a Swiss army knife that can become a tiny crossbow. Small but dangerous, check out the hilarious scene of the plane.

The shoe-phone

While this product is no longer exclusive to fiction but its usefulness is questionable, especially now. For the original Maxwell Smart of the series ‘Superagente 86’ (‘Get Smart’, 1965-1970) this was an own invention of science fiction but in the film adaptation with Steve Carell and is just an excuse for a gag. I imagine it could still work under the right circumstances …

The shoe-knife

Be very careful with the shoes spies, you never know what can hide. We return to’From Russia with Love’, where they present a shoe that conceals a knife poisoned toe, and thus, a simple little kick can be lethal. So simple it’s scary.

The radio cassette missile launchers

It has already been somewhat dated but sells nostalgia and retro fashion may perhaps be useful if you’re a spy infiltrated a dangerous neighborhood. The original “ghetto blaster” was invented by the laboratory of Q in ‘007: High Voltage’ (‘The Living Daylights’, 1987). It has always amused me the reaction of the scientists who were preparing the dummy; almost the load, and that the invention of spy gadgets should be dangerous …

The “jetpack”

One of the most legendary moments in the 007 saga takes place in the opening sequence of ‘Thunderball’ when Sean Connery escapes using a jetpack (jetpack or rocket belt). Where does? The question is even more intriguing Bond after hearing say, “No man should be lacking well – dressed one.” Seriously, how do you keep it? It may have to wait for the invention to be reduced to a more portable model, which should be a matter of time because already there are people flying with these backpacks.

Umbrella combat

Carry an umbrella everywhere can be difficult to justify, especially in certain months of the year, but the invention presents ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is worth: it is a weapon with different shells and a bullet – proof shield.

The list of memorable movie gadgets could be wider but these are my 14 favorites. If you believe that other mythical not hesitate to go to the comments section missing.