portable kennel

Making a portable kennel for your pet, step by step

For many dogs they are one of the family, so this weekend we have chosen a DIY to learn how to build a house for personalized pet. We must use the tools and appropriate materials so they can enjoy a nice, comfortable house.

The portable booth this DIY can be easily moved thanks to the base provided with wheels. And has a roof gardener, so the house also becomes a decorative accessory for both the terrace and inside the home.

portable kennel
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  • The first thing to do is draw on the board plywood pieces that later will cut with the help of a circular saw as the PKS 18 LI battery, which is perfect for precise cuts.
  • After this, tap saw the entrance of the house, for example with the jigsaw PST 18 LI battery, most suitable for small cuts.
  • To be placed between the side pieces the roof deck will need to put inside four square timbers that can also be cut with the jigsaw.

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  • The following will be pre-drill all the pieces side and the base, so we can use the cordless drill / driver PSR 18 LI-2, which is very manageable, but at the same time is very powerful.
  • Then you have to sand the structure, for example, with the multilateral PSM 18 LI, allowing sanding even in hard to reach areas and on small surfaces.
portable kennel
Image Source: Google Image
  • In order to easily move the booth, you have to set the wheel spinning, something we can do, for example, the cordless drill / driver PSR 18 LI-2.
  • To finish our project, we just have to put the roof deck and screw.
  • After only is choosing plants that we like to decorate it and put it on our pet’s favorite site.

This proposal Bosch is certainly ideal for lovers of animals and plants. And now that summer vacation and have more free time to devote to this type of project, is the ideal time to get them.