The longest distance between two people is a misunderstanding

On many occasions we let a misunderstanding or anger us away from those people we want. In these cases it is very common pride take precedence over our feelings and act with indifference to them.

Surely many of us have met on several occasions with the phrase “Between what we think, what we mean what we say, what we say, what we hear, what we hear, what we understand and what understand, there are nine possibilities not understood”.

Is likely to feel much identified with it and to understand the ways of communicating, intentions and realities of each sometimes become a complicated puzzle impossible to complete for lack of parts.

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The roads should not be separated

A misunderstanding could create a huge gulf between two people who want and need but, nevertheless, are not always understood. This is something that can always be avoided as there is predisposition for it.

We should not separate those people who we want as a result of a misunderstanding. Because often mediate in understanding factors such as pride, tiredness, the current life situation that make rend confidence and good feelings.

In this sense, we know that the main difference between pride and dignity is that the former is characterized by excessive regard for the opinions, beliefs or feelings of self.

However, dignity is respect and consideration for self and emotional limits. Thus, differentiating the attitudes of dignity and pride is sometimes complicated, but basically is that pride is to be maintained at the top while dignity demands equality between opinions, feelings or behaviors.

We are responsible for what we say, not what others understand

Truly we are more responsible for what we say what others understand. However, we must also do our part to be understood and not contribute to a misunderstanding is built.

However, we must be aware that this is not always easy, because sometimes feel offended by the interpretations is inevitable that the person who accompanies us on our acts done or words.

However, since these situations are unclear, we have to take perspective and assess whether actually worth get carried away by our emotions despite the insecurity that gathers around misunderstanding.

Misunderstandings are very painful when the interpretations that are made result in negative towards our person or to others intentional and emotional powers.

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When we are really victims of wrongdoings

However, there are times that we really are victims of bad actions intended to destroy our self-esteem or, more generally, with our welfare. In these cases it is not easy to turn a deaf ear although we could avoid poisoning giving credit to those who have tried to hurt us.

For it is important that we start a war against everything that seeks to turn away or damage our essence. Thus, we must cultivate the habit of emotional distance which is basically tolerate differences and not allow make our considerations less (in other words, to assert our thoughts and feelings).

The main clue to think or do not give us the divergence between words and deeds and unbelief that can arouse our bad actions of others.

However, not all actions always tell us everything we need to know people. Therefore, we must be cautious and go straight ahead and clearly and complete sincerity. Only then we will be able to ask others to do the same for us and will prevent misunderstandings become chasms.