An intro to software testing

One of the most important activities for an organisation’s success is software testing, yet its significance is often undervalued, mainly because testing happens in the background. Software testing is normally one of those tasks that gets excluded, because it can add time and costs to the project, but it is …

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Do you desire Designer?

Designer labels are found on clothing that is made by a recognised fashion designer. Any item that bears the logo of that designer or fashion house can be considered to be ‘designer’. Of course, through the years, original designers have died and the brand continues to be produced under licence. …

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Stopping allergic reactions before they start: So are the new therapies that are being developed

allergic reactions

Despite being one of the most common disorders, it is curious that treatments for allergies have not made much progress in recent decades. The combination of antihistamines and epinephrine works so (reasonably) well by controlling the symptoms that the improvements have been gradual but never revolutionary. Here it seems certain …

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